My lawn mowing session

My husband videod unbenounced to me while I rocked out while mowing the lawn. I must learn to rock a lot harder.


Supporting the Locals.

My husband and I try to support the local markets in town when we get the chance. If you are ever in Huntsville, Alabama, you should visit this place.

photo 2

They have reasonable priced food, and a wide variety. I went the other day and I bought all of this for seven dollars.

photo 3

It was yummy.

We love Isom’s Orchard. We love love love going there to get apples that are grown in Athens. We like…

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Letting Go is so hard.

Letting Go is so hard.


I took my youngest daughter to meeting this morning to discuss her college choices. I can’t believe that she was a baby just 17 years ago. It seems like yesterday. As I type 17 years, I shake my head in disbelief.  I find it so hard to believe ever day that my girls have grown up into young women. I want to cheer and cry all at the same time. They are beautiful strong women that I already…

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A must see of two women Flying for the first time.

I laughed so hard I cried. Great Great video.

Passover begins!!!!!

Let us not forget.

Passover begins!!!!!

Let us not forget.


Join Me? Anyone? Anyone?

Join Me? Anyone? Anyone?

I’ve decided to seek out bloggers who like posting or viewing things that I like. So this morning, I sat down and looked in the side column of my WordPress page and found several blogs that interested me. One of the blogs I found was  http://jimmyvsworld.com/ . On  this blog, I found the following video.


I’m going to step up to…

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Pick Up Your Pom Poms!!!!

Pick Up Your Pom Poms!!!!


Kids have a lot of people pushing them, and often, they feel to much pressure to achieve, achieve, achieve. Really, we all feel that pressure.

As my girls get older, I’m  realizing that a lot of the time, they don’t need more advice. They need a cheerleader. Someone to tell them “it’s okay just breathe. You can’t change it. Just breathe.”

My youngest doesn’t know it yet, but we are going to…

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Well played Lady.

Photo on 4-9-14 at 11.58 AM #3

Rush hour traffic is horrible where I live. It can leave you wishing you didn’t’ have to drive until everyone was gone to work.

This morning I was tired and didn’t want to get out of bed. As I got up and got moving, I was still tired.  I drove down to the end of our neighborhood and cars were everywhere as usual.

A bleak of sunshine appeared, a lady that let me out of my neighborhood today…

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